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Frequently Asked Questions

How many caregivers do you have?

We have certified nursing assistants with 4-10 years of experience along with strong back ground of provider from medical profession and full time LPN supervisor RN( registered nurse ) . Apart from these certified professionals, we also have access to home doctor, foot doctor & home health services.

Are there doctors on premises?

All our caregivers and staff are trained to handle medical emergencies in a safe and effective manner for the resident but should the need arise, doctor is a phone call away and there is a hospital nearby

What kind of care can you help with?

Specialized memory care

Hospice and Palliative Care


Parkinsons & Respite Care
and more…

Do you have Activities?

Yes, there are several activities we hold at our Adult Family Homes, where residents enjoy games such as bingo, bowling , spin the wheel and many more.

What are the meals like?

We have good old fashioned, wholesome, healthy food such as Fruits, vegetables, and well balanced meals. We also prepare special meals to celebrate holidays such as Christmas eve dinner, thanksgiving, Easter, birthdays and many more.

Do you have Transport services?

Yes, we can arrange for transportation upon request.

What about Grooming Services?

We help with hair, nails, bathing and more.