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Our Adult Family Homes offers a safe and comfortable adult family home that residents can truly call home. Many people reach an age when living alone is no longer possible, but assisted living doesn’t mean you have to give up your privacy, independence, and enjoyment of life. At Our Adult family homes, you will become a part of our family as all of your needs are taken care of.

If you’re looking for an adult family home where you or a loved one’s specific health care needs will be addressed on a daily basis, we have the home environment you’re looking for. Our adult family home provide residence for up to 6 people where they get quality 24 hour care from certified professional caregivers. Not only will you live in an environment that is far less crowded than large adult family home facilities, you will enjoy the personal touches that bring contentment and familiarity.

Our certified caregivers can also take care of residents with special needs, like those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, just to name a few. If you would like more detailed information about our adult family home, please take some time to browse our website or give us a call. There is a better way to enjoy assisted living, and it’s something we’ve perfected at Our Adult Family Homes.

  •  Enjoy a quality life getting the care you need at one of our adult senior family homes
  • Our adult family home include 24 hour staffing, private rooms, all meals, and certified caregivers
  • Laundry service and full housekeeping are included
  • Every room is full furnished and adorned with personal touches that turn it into a true home
  • A host of amenities and fun, off-site activities make us far more than an ordinary adult family home

We have multiple senior homes in two locations, and each is fully staffed with friendly and courteous certified professionals that are dedicated to making sure you feel at home. There are plenty of adult family home in Washington, but we offer something far more appealing to seniors who take pride in their independence.

Take some times to review our full list of our adult family home services and see why so many people just like you are happy to be a part of our Adult Family Home. Enjoy peace of mind, good health, and live each day to the fullest in one of our happy homes.

Your quality of life matters, so make sure you love the place you live

Our Adult Family Homes is dedicated to helping seniors get the most out of life. Making the move to an adult family home is never easy, but our approach was to create a real home that features all of the services and amenities you need to be comfortable, healthy, and happy. You will live with people just like you who enjoy daily camaraderie and special events that will bring a smile to your face.

Please take a look at our many services.

  • 24 hour on-site staffing
  • On-site certified professional caregivers
  • Daily assistance with personal hygiene
  • Medication monitoring
  • 3 nutritional meals and 2 snacks daily
  • Complete housekeeping and laundry service
  • Fully furnished private rooms for every resident
  • Fun and interesting daily activities
  • Weekly visits from a local guitarist/vocalist
  • Regularly drives around town and to special places
  • Ice cream socials
  • Weekly visit from a registered nurse
  • Home doctor available for visits
  • Special service for residents with dementia or other debilitating ailments
  • Mental health clients

The setting for our homes is beautiful Western Washington, with Mt. Baker and Mt. Ranier creating a panoramic backdrop every day of the year. We frequently take residents for drives though the valley with destinations like the local ice cream shop and Lake Washington. The fresh air and quality time spent with other residents beings everyone closer together, and helps you appreciate the many great things this area has to offer.

Regular on-site doctor visits can be scheduled on your behalf, so you never have to worry about receiving necessary medical care. Our caregivers will also take you to your appointments and we can schedule routine visits from nail techs, massage therapists, and hairdressers, so that you stay looking and feeling your best.

More adult family home information

Six certified nursing assistant caregivers with years of experience will ensure that you get the care you need, 24 hours a day. While our homes do not have an on-site doctor, they are always a mere phone call away. There is also a hospital located nearby that is always ready to handle emergencies and provide emergency medical response.

Our residents love the meals we lovingly prepare every single day. This is because we cook good, old fashioned nutritious meals with quality products and healthy foods. These homemade meals are not only part of a balanced diet, they taste really good. Your health is important to us, so we do anything we can to cater to each resident’s dietary needs or restrictions.

All residents have access to transportation services, so that they can get to important appointment or doctor’s visits. We also make routine trips to fun places where everyone can enjoy a breath of fresh air.

Caregivers also provide daily grooming and hygiene services for our adult family home residents who need such care. This includes common adult family home assistance with hair, nails, and bathing. We know that you want to look your best, so we go the extra mile to help you stay clean and healthy.

Personalize your room and turn it into your home

One of the most difficult parts of making the move to an adult family home is giving up personal treasures that took a lifetime to acquire. While it’s impossible to move a house full of personal items into any assisted living family home, we encourage residents to bring some person items to turn their private rooms into a place they can call home.

So hang some family picture on your walls, and show off your grandchildren to your fellow residents. Add your own personal touches and surround yourself with the mementos of a life well-lived. Create a space that belongs solely to you, so that you always feel truly at home with your Adult Family Home.

Finding the right adult family home for yourself or a family member

If you are looking for adult family home for yourself or for someone in your family, you should take the time to be sure you’re making the right choice. If you need more personalized attention and specialized medical care, an adult family home offers a solution that doesn’t mean surrendering your independence entirely. Still, it’s important to select an assisting living home that suits your needs.

Residential care is different from larger facilities in many ways, not the least of which is the dwelling itself. Residential homes used for adult family home are smaller and more intimate, with a maximum of 6 residents. Larger facilities lose that home-like quality because they feel more like hotels or condominiums, and some even have hundreds of residents.

Another difference between larger adult family home and family homes is the nature of the resident care. While both are capable of offering quality health care and have a host of amenities, smaller homes have a personalized touch that simply isn’t possible when there are large numbers of residents. The home atmosphere is more home-like, because you know all of your housemates and learn to live with them like family.

If you’re considering a move to an adult family home or some other form of adult family home, we ask that you sit down and talk about your options. There are a number of factors that you need to consider, especially if the resident has special health needs that must be addressed.

Moving to our adult family home is a big life change

Take some time to talk about the many life changes you will encounter when you make the move to an assisted living home. Everyone in the family should be involved in this conversation because it’s a massive life change that will require a great deal of sacrifice. Remember that if health or memory issues are in play, waiting for an emergency may be far too late. In these scenarios, it’s important to recognize that extra care is needed and must be provided by someone with caregiving experience.

Before sitting down to have this all-important conversation, study your options. Would a large adult family home facility be better for your needs, or would the resident prefer the more home-like environment of a family home? If you’re asking these questions about a loved one, make sure that they are included in these conversations and always be willing to address their concerns. The move won’t be easy for some, but it will be a lot harder if they’re kept out of the loop when decisions are being made.

Always remain positive and be ready to listen. Some of our residents were eager to step into their new life because they were more than ready to let go of some of their personal responsibilities. Others were more resistant but quickly adapted to their home because they fully understood the many great things we have to offer.

Personal needs and health requirements

Obviously, health considerations are a big part of making the move to an adult family home. You will need to outline the nature and scope of care needed. This applies to medical care, social care, and physical care. If there are special medical conditions to consider, like dementia or Alzheimer’s, it’s important to find an assisted living home that can address them.

You can only enjoy a happy life if you’re living a healthy one, which is why we promote wellness in diet, company, and care.

Investigate your options and narrow down your options

Once you have a short list of options (which hopefully includes our Adult Family Home), you should visit with each adult family home facility or adult family home. Interview members of the staff, talk to the manager, and inspect the premises to see if it lives up to your expectations.

You can always call us to schedule an appointment. We are proud of our family homes and are eager to add new members to our family. We can also provide you with state inspection reports and you are welcome to read reviews from residents and their families. We will also give you a complete list of our many services.

Contact Our Adult Family Homes and find a place you can call home

If you would like to learn more, give us a call or send us an email, and we can arrange a tour and provide you with more information.